Sally Martin has been involved in marketing, sales and media for over 20 years, working for prominent companies like IBM, CBS Radio and Television and Premiere Radio Networks, which was later bought by Clear Channel, now known as iHeartMedia. Recently, her focus has moved towards Municipal Marketing and how municipalities can best leverage their existing assets to create new revenue. Her roles range from researching existing assets, development of revenue generating concepts to the execution and day-to-day operation of a venture.

As Converge Media’s primary liaison for the Chicago Digital Network (CDN) project, part of Chicago’s Municipal Marketing Initiative, Sally oversees creative development, inventory management, departmental communication and vendor coordination. From analyzing potential revenue generating City assets to developing creative solutions to offering projected schedules for City departments, she is responsible for maintaining organization and efficiency for all parties. Martin attends weekly meetings with City officials from either the Municipal Marketing Committee, Public Service Announcements Committee or Implementation meetings to assist with any municipal marketing issues.