With Converge Media, you will be challenged to use your creative and analytical skills to solve problems and assist in the creation and execution of business plans and ideas. Anyone interested in learning hands-on marketing techniques, enjoys technology and wants to be a part of a growing company, please contact us immediately.
You will learn about media, marketing and research while working on a number of new and exciting projects. This will include exposure to industry and competitive analysis, municipal marketing, government RFQ's, facilities management, technology, start-ups, research, social media marketing, advertising, multi-media presentation creation, IT, website design, financial analysis and projections, cost accounting, as well as a number of other essential business and media marketing activities.
The experience gained with us will prepare you for many marketing/sales or communications positions. Not to mention, the skill set you build with us will make you a desirable candidate to future employers.
  • + Highly motivated, detail-oriented and ambitious
  • + Personable and a self-starter
  • + Strong writing and communication skills
  • + Interest in Marketing, Technology and Start-ups
  • + Ability to multi-task
  • + Proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • + Undergraduate or graduate majors in Business, Communications, IT, Art & Design, Marketing & Sales
  • + Junior or senior standing
If you are looking to work in a fast-paced, hands-on, vibrant and entrepreneurial environment, then we want to hear from you!
What do you do now?
  • Step 1. Email us with your resume and cover letter at
  • Step 2. Hop on over to LinkedIn and connect with John J. Martin
  • Step 3. Pick up that phone! We want to hear from you and there‚Äôs no better time than now. Call John at (847) 943-9514 and get the ball rolling.
Learn more about us at
Converge Media is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to diversity and working with women and minorities.